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Our Mission

The UConn Consulting Group was founded on the belief that given the resources and training, students can make a meaningful contribution in any type of setting and achieve their career goals. UCG gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience providing strategy consulting services to UConn organizations, local businesses, and corporations.

About UCG

Founded in 2014, UCG is home to students who have displayed high academic achievement in addition to being leaders on campus and in the community. Our members have shown the ability to solve problems and make an impact. We pride ourselves on our talented mix of young professionals.

Prospective Clients

With top caliber students and successful advisers, UCG has the necessary tools and resources to create value for your company. Whether your organization is looking to maximize margins or attempting to launch a new product in an unexplored market segment, UCG can provide strategic insights and initiate growth.

Prospective Analysts

UCG competitively recruits students at UConn with demonstrated ability and dedication. We pride ourselves in our ability to solve problems and make an impact. Whatever your skills and interests, UCG will provide the training, experience, and community to support your future success.

What Our Clients Have To Say

By the end of the project it was difficult to remember that we were working with aspiring consultants rather than seasoned professionals.

CLAS Alumni Relations Director

The UConn Consulting Group recently completed a research and recommendation study of the UConn Alumni Association. They conducted a 360 degree review of our alumni relations operations, providing benchmarking reference points for 25+ schools, and gave some great recommendations to better improve the effectiveness of our work based on numerous best practices from both peer and aspirational institutions from across the country. Their professionalism and thoroughness was impressive both in their outreach to our staff, our alumni constituents and our colleagues in alumni relations across the country.

Associate Vice President, UConn Foundation

UCG has gone above and beyond this semester to help UConn Athletics be the best it can be. They have given us a lot to think about moving forward and we really appreciate all the work they did to help us out!

Assistant Director of Marketing, UConn Athletics

Because of UCG’s efforts, we have an opportunity not only to better define our vision, but to consider how to properly execute that vision.

CEO, Financial Services Startup

Selected Past Clients