Recruit UConn's Best and Brightest

UCG creates an environment for members to gain experience that compliments an already rigorous course load. Our members will consistently over-deliver and create substantial value for your firm from day one.

Please contact if you are an employer and are interested in hosting a recruiting event or getting in contact with any of our members.

Highly Selective Recruiting Process

Students are screened for high performance, character and learning orientation and are put through three rounds of interviews:

  • First round application with letter of intent and resume submission
  • Second round case and behavioral interviews with senior project team members
  • Final round case interviews with student Managing Director and two Alumni advisors (trained interviewers from McKinsey, Bain and BCG)

Students are then rated against standardized behavioral competencies and chosen for offers to join the group.

Our acceptance rate is 18%

Real-World Consulting Skills Training by BCG and McKinsey Alums

The advisors and students have collaborated on building a top-tier training program.  This program includes:

On-boarding 4 Week Training Covering: A team based learning program led by alumni advisors focusing on:

  • PowerPoint / Excel basic and advanced features
  • Pyramid principle and MECE
  • Synthesizing ideas
  • Root cause structured problem solving
  • Storytelling and presentation skills

Financial Analysis and Modeling Training

  • Accounting and Finance basics
  • Three-statement financial modeling
  • Discounted Cash Flow and Comparable Analysis

Career Development

  • Personal Branding
  • Telling your story
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Networking strategy

High Performance Consulting Project Team Experience

Our project experience is set up in the same structure as real-world consulting teams – with an acting student “Partner,” workstream leaders and analysts.  The groups work closely with an alumni advisor to work from structuring and defining a problem to telling a compelling story based on fact that will both influence and inspire the client.