About UCG

Who We Are

UConn Consulting Group is a strategy consulting group composed of top students at the University of Connecticut and advised by alumni who went on to attend top business schools (Harvard Business School, Tuck School of Business, and MIT Sloan) and top consulting firms (McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, A.T. Kearney, and The Boston Consulting Group)
The UConn Consulting Group was founded on the belief that given the resources and training, students can develop skills to work at a high performing level and solve some of the toughest business problems for major companies and institutions.  Through an action learning approach, the students will be on the fast track to compete and land jobs at the top companies in the world.

Our History

The UConn Consulting Group was founded in the summer of 2014 by Justin Lee (’15). He noticed that UConn had many high-caliber students, but they did not have opportunities to land roles at top strategy consulting firms.  He took note that many other schools had robust training and preparation, so he decided to start a group to flip the odds for top students at UConn.
After reaching out to two alumni who happened to be working at the Boston Consulting Group (and passionate about mentoring undergrads), the three decided to work diligently to put together a group that would be sustainable and create a high performing experiential learning opportunity for the best students at UConn.
The inaugural class of analysts had six members and they worked with the UConn Alumni Association to help them think about their long term strategy in the rapidly changing higher education world.  The project was praised by senior leaders across campus and the group quickly built a reputation as a model of alumni-student collaboration and action learning by Deans and leaders across campus.  Given the success, the group was able to bring on several more advisors and supporters and expand the number of analysts and projects in the 2015-2016 school year.
Throughout the first year, the group was very thoughtful about building a sustainable organization and did that through establishing clear values:
  • Creating the environment and conditions for high performance
  • Unlocking opportunities for top students at UConn
  • Creating a demanding action-learning experience for students – but only for those of the highest character who lead with kindness and humility
  • Creating a group that can have fun and reflect on what success in life really means
The group is now established with support from Deans, university leaders and many prominent alumni.  The group is also a unique way for alumni to give back and for students to build stronger connections with alumni.

In the Media

Top Alumni & Advisors

Our Mentors

Top UConn graduates volunteer their time to ensure a realistic consulting experience by actively guiding projects, leading student training, and providing extensive career assistance.  They have experience at some of the top strategy firms in the world:

Our Alumni

Graduated top of their class, and have gone on to work at several prestigious consulting and financial services firms.