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Applications for the Fall 2017 analyst class will be accepted until September 22nd. To apply to UCG, complete our Typeform application linked below:

UCG accepts applications at the beginning of every new semester. Any UConn undergraduate can apply regardless of major, background, GPA, or age. If you are interested in joining, come to one of our information sessions or check us out at the involvement fair.

Recruiting Events:

  • Wednesday, 9/13th: UConn Involvement Fair 2:00-7:00 PM
  • Wednesday, 9/13th: UCG Info Session I 8:00 PM in BUSN 321
  • Thursday, 9/14th: UCG Info Session II 7:00 PM in BUSN 321

Why Join?

Are you looking to get more out of your undergraduate years? Are you interested in a career in consulting while gaining firsthand experience that no other group offers? The UConn Consulting Group will provide you real experience solving those problems for local organizations.
Organizations of all sizes and purposes have problems – whether it be recruitment for fraternities, management issues in a local business, or simply financial difficulty in hard economic times. We are trusted advisors to these groups and we thrive on delivering executable plan. We can help thriving businesses gain a competitive edge or help a firm out of financially difficult times. Not only must we present clear and concise steps, but UCG must maintain strong relationships with the client.
We are looking for only the most dedicated and brightest students. They don’t necessarily need to have a certain major, but they need to be able to solve problems and critically think. A resume screening will take place first, then selected students will be invited for a case interview. These case interviews will analyze how the student thinks and looks at a certain scenario. After a competitive recruitment process, the students will work under Harvard MBA graduates and current consultants for companies like Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Bain, etc. Naturally, there will be a hierarchical structure to UCG.
Group Benefits:
  • Learn problem solving skills that will make you a top performer in any industry
  • Gain experience that will help you pass any interview
  • Maintain a close relationship with successful UConn alumni who can help you with your next steps
  • Add value to high-profile organizations (e.g., UConn Alumni Association)

Application Process

Interview Process:
  • Submit a Typeform Application
  • First Round Interview: With senior UCG members
  • Second Round Interview: With an alumni UCG advisor
After reviewing all applications, we will contact you regarding your interview if you are selected. Interviews will include a behavioral and case portion, which will be conducted by either advisors or senior UCG members. The fit portion will allow the interviewer and interviewee to learn about each others’ backgrounds and ask questions.  The case interview will test your ability to structure your thoughts, drive the conversation towards a solution, and think on your feet.
It is recommended that students practice case interviews before the first interview. For case interview prep, check out the recommended reading list on our Resources page and read Case in Point by Marc Cosentino.